Sex crime jump condemned by Marc Jones

News that reported sex crimes have risen by nearly a third in Lincolnshire has been described as “staggering” by a would-be Police and Crime Commissioner.

Marc Jones, the Conservative candidate for the post in Lincolnshire, made the comments after coming across the latest quarterly figures in his role as a County Councillor.

They reveal that Lincolnshire have seen a 30% increase in sexual offences in a single year. 

From December 2014 to November 2015 a total of 1094 sexual offences were reported to Lincolnshire Police which is an increase of 256 when compared to 838 incidents from 2013/2014.

Police combine two types of the crime to make up the total figure – rape and other sexual offences, for example groping – with reporting both up for each.

For 2014-2015 reported cases of rape stand at 323 which is an increase of 55 when compared to the previous year’s figures at 268.

For other sexual offences the figure for 2014-2015 lies at 771 – up by 201 when compared to 2013/2014 which saw 570 reported cases for the alleged crime.

Mr Jones has now said it would be a “priority” for him to tackle the worrying trend if he is elected to be the county’s Commissioner in May.

Marc Jones said: “We want victims of sexual crime to be confident in reporting incidents but the numbers revealed in this latest report from Lincolnshire Police is staggering.     

“Lincolnshire is seeing an increasing amount of young people coming to study and work in county and it is especially worrying as this group are frequently at risk.

“With the Chancellor announcing the protection of the police budget in the latest comprehensive spending review we should now inject resource to tackle this serve problem.

“If I am given the opportunity to serve as Police and Crime Commissioner tackling sexual offences will be a priority with an emphasis on improving protection and better education.”