Rural Crime, Time to Fight Back

This morning Marc Jones had an early start to visit Lincolnshire farmers and rural business people to discuss their concerns over rural crime.

Issues such as theft of machinery, tools, vehicles and stock are costing jobs, damaging their businesses and hurting the local and national economy.

Farmers have faced a significant rise in the number of hare coursing incidents this year and some have said that the announcement by the Police that the operation designed to tackle the problem, Operation Galileo was to end was a huge mistake, as was the removal of the dedicated wildlife protection officer. In fact when recently challenged on this very subject at the most recent Police and Crime Panel meeting the current Commissioner admitted that it had created in Lincolnshire "open season for hare coursing". A shocking admission of miscalculation leading to huge issues in our rural areas and attacks to our wildlife.

If elected to be Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner crimes like these will be a priority for Marc Jones to resource and see tackled. Wildlife, the countryside and our rural communities should be protected to an appropriate level and Marc Jones has committed to see that happen.