Police Spin Doctor Hiring “Inappropriate” Says Marc Jones

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has come under fire for his reckless and wasteful spending decisions.

The incumbent PCC has advertised to hire a new PR guru on up to £42k a year with Conservative candidate Marc Jones labelling the decision inappropriate.

The ‘Head of News’ post was advertised on the force’s website earlier this month with the job also requiring to assist the Chief Constable with media relations. Marc Jones said:

“It is beyond belief that the Commissioner can justify cutting more than half of Lincolnshire’s local police and then hire a spin doctor.

“Reckless spending is an ongoing problem for this Commissioner who has wasted thousands of pounds on the unnecessary suspension of our Chief Constable.

“The Government has protected Lincolnshire’s police budget and it is about time we had a police commissioner who had the right priorities.

“If given the honour of becoming the next Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner I will always use money wisely to cut crime and keep our community safe.”