Mobile Phone Use When Driving Consultation

Please spare a minute to watch this Lincolnshire Police 'Hang Up Campaign' video before completing the short Department of Transport consultation survey.

The Department for Transport are consulting on the publics views regarding the penalties for drivers using mobile devices when at the wheel. You can have your say by following the link below.

Most people agree that using a mobile device at the wheel is very distracting and in some very sad cases leads to loss of life.

I believe the penalties should be increased substantially and have said so in my reply to the survey.

In my view the current fixed penalty of £100 is so small as to not act as a deterrent at all and I would like to see a fine of £1000 introduced and a mandatory 6 penalty points. Furthermore I believe that drivers of HGVs should face 6 penalty points and a fine of £2000 reduced to £1000 in the first instance if they undergo a training and awareness course.

Do you think the penalties are too large or not large enough? Have your say and help shape the policy of the future.

Further details regarding the consultation can be found here.