Marc Jones Launches His Plan for Lincolnshire

Marc Jones the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Lincolnshire has officially launched his plan to deliver lower levels of crime and safer communities.

It follows Mr Jones meeting with House of Commons Leader, and former Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling MP to discuss policing in Lincolnshire earlier this week. 

Marc has a six-point plan which includes introducing new ‘community constables,’ a focus on crime prevention, dealing with rural crime seriously, cleaning up streets, and treating victims of crime compassionately. He has also pledged to spend taxpayers’ money wisely. 

Commenting Marc Jones said: “My six point plan has been devised after talking to communities up and down Lincolnshire and I am convinced it will help make our county safer. 

“Lincolnshire needs a competent and capable Police and Crime Commissioner. I’ll work proactively with Government to tackle the issues which matter, and ensure all of Lincolnshire gets a fair deal.”

On the same day, Home Secretary Theresa May launched the national campaign and heard from voters about their policing priorities.

Home Secretary Theresa May commented: “Electing the right PCC in May is vital to people making sure their policing priorities are heard. 

“Nationally, the Conservative Government has protected overall police spending for the next four years and reformed policing to make forces more accountable, effective and better value for money for local taxpayers. This means every force will have the resources and powers they need to keep on cutting crime.

“Vote Conservative for a PCC who will work effectively with the Government to ensure your police force uses those resources and takes the right steps to deliver lower levels of crime and safer communities.”