Gun Licence “In House” Pledge By Candidate Marc Jones

The administration of granting gun licences will be brought back under the control of Lincolnshire Police should a Conservative become the next Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Marc Jones, the Conservative candidate, says he would not renew the contract of the private security company G4S who currently operates the licences on behalf of the police. 

There are approximately 40,000 licenced guns in Lincolnshire, one of the highest number by county in the UK. 

However, Mr Jones says he has been talking to gun users who have complained about the delays of “months” from G4S with the candidate saying the firm has failed to deliver on the contract. 

Marc Jones said: “I have been talking to gun users up and down the county and the current performance by G4S in issuing licences isn’t good enough.

“I’ve heard stories of how law abiding residents have been threatened with gun seizures or incurred months of costs for storage because of delays and poor performance from the company.  

“If given the honour of becoming Lincolnshire’s next police and crime commissioner I will not renew the gun licensing contract held by G4S and will bring back the service in-house to be dealt with by the police. 

“I will also examine other areas of the massive G4S contract as taxpayers deserve value for money and an excellent service from the deal.” 

One registered firearms dealer who has met Mark to discuss the problem is John Kaberry who runs his business from Lincoln and North Hykeham. 

John said: “I’m glad Marc has pledged to take action on the issue. I’ve dealt with dozens of customers who have had delays of months after first applying for registration. 

“They come from all walks of life from farmers to sportsmen, but they are not getting the service which is required which is both costly and dangerous.”