Direct response to question put on twitter reguarding outgoing PCC's reduction of local policing

Marc responds directly to a very important question raised by a Lincolnshire resident on the outgoing PCC's reduction in local policing and standing up for Lincolnshire. (Original Newspaper Article Here).

Cate Moore of Grantham posed a very important question regarding the future of local policing and what standing up for Lincolnshire police funding means in practice. Marc said:

"It's only by being challenged and questioned that I can put my case to the people of Lincolnshire as to why they should trust me to be their Police and Crime Commissioner."

The question, posed on social media platform twitter, can be found here.

Read Marc's response below:-

This is obviously a complex issue that can’t be resolved by me or anyone else easily but there are steps I would look to take in the early days to start to address the issue.

Firstly it’s important to note that the current situation has been agreed with the outgoing Police and Crime Commissioner and I would want to review all decisions made that effect the future strategic direction of Lincolnshire Police, this being just one of them. More of the same is not an option for me, the role of PCC should not be a passive one and to date in Lincolnshire it has been.

We hear much about fighting for a fairer deal for Lincolnshire and I agree with the words but have already backed them up with action. I wrote to the Home Secretary last year and urged the need for a retention of the current funding arrangements at the very least and a review of the funding formula away from the current system that penalises Lincolnshire for being a rural county. I was pleased to see that the voices of the Chief Constable, myself and others were listened to, that suspected reductions of funding were not realised and that the current formula will be replaced. I also met with the Prime Minister in January to promote our case and will be meeting the Home Secretary again this very week to ensure that Lincolnshire’s needs are front and centre in the months ahead. Being a proactive PCC starts by putting the county first and in my case, using the fact that I’m a Conservative to gain access to the highest level of Government to promote Lincolnshire’s case. What it’s not about is being London’s man in Lincolnshire; I will always be Lincolnshire’s man challenging government to deliver more. I was born and raised here and won’t put Party before County.

My Community Constables intuitive of recruiting local people to be Specials but for specific areas is proving really popular with the public and behind closed doors I am getting some really good support from serving and ex officers too. It will deliver additional local policing which in part will address the issue you raise and will also restore the local intelligence gathering aspect that is partly lost and wholly at risk.

I do have more to say but I am keen to make sure that my thoughts are fully researched, costed and sense tested by people who are very experienced before I commit myself to a course of action.

I’m very much looking forward to the hustings to discuss my ideas and those of the other candidates. The public and the force need to be sure that the new PCC has the vision and the will to support Lincolnshire Police in their very difficult role within our community.