Commitment to neighbourhood policing review by Marc Jones

Marc Jones, Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Lincolnshire has committed to a review of the current changes neighbourhood policing put forward by the outgoing Commissioner.

Under current proposals the 42 neighbourhood policing beat managers are due to reduce to 32 for the county, potentially downgrading the importance of local policing.

Marc Jones said “Reviewing the decision to change the neighbourhood team structure must be a priority. I need to know and so do the residents of Lincolnshire that local policing isn’t just a paper exercise but a meaningful part of serving Lincolnshire’s population and businesses. This dovetails into my ‘Community Constables’ initiative and moving forward all communities across the county need to feel that they are safe and well served by the police.”

Marc continued "If elected on 5th May I will stand up for all parts of Lincolnshire whether a small hamlet or a large town, we are all part of the same county. I will support our police to deliver the very best for Lincolnshire and local, visible policing is part of that."