Candidate Calls For Changes to Police Funding

The Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner has added his voice to calls for changes on how Lincolnshire Police is funded.

Marc Jones has even written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, saying county forces deserve more cash to fight crime.

The Government is currently considering plans to change police funding across the UK. Marc Jones, who was selected last month, says the current funding system unfairly penalises large sparse counties like Lincolnshire.

He wants a new settlement which takes into account the ‘base cost’ of running a rural force – like the extra spent running police vehicles between settlements which is far higher when compared to urban constabularies. Marc said:

“The complex system doesn’t work for us, we are just too big a county, and that is why I have written to the Home Secretary asking for more money for Lincolnshire as part of the current review into police funding.

“When isolated farming communities are being targeted by organised criminal gangs we need to ensure we have the resource to bring the perpetrators to a swift justice.

“The current Police Commissioner has a lot to answer for after squandering cash on the unnecessary suspension of the Chief Constable - this money should have been spent on frontline policing.”