My Plan to make Lincolnshire even safer

Although much has already been delivered to transform Lincolnshire Police from the hard working yet financially unsustainable Force that I inherited in 2016 there is still more to do to build upon the solid foundations now in place. We are currently delivering record numbers of police recruits who will be the backbone of our community safety for decades to come. It is this long term planning and delivery that will keep us all safer in to the future.

The role of the PCC is one of leadership, one of public representation and one that requires the experience to manage multi million pound budgets of public money. It requires the PCC to operate at local, regional and national levels to bring in additional resources and stand up for the people of Lincolnshire. The PCC is no simple figurehead, they are there to appoint, challenge and support the Chief Constable to deliver effective and efficient policing. I have a proven track record of delivery and a plan to go even further.

Over the next three year term of office it is my intention to see reductions in crime, enhanced policing to protect our communities and to make residents both feel and be even safer. Below I outline some key areas of policy I will deliver to do that:

More to frontline - The circa £24m a year contract with G4S to deliver policing services in Lincolnshire will end and the £7.8m that would have been paid in profits over the next five years will instead be directed into local policing.

Fraud and scams - Continue and expand the fight against scams and fraud to protect our community from the ever growing risks from online scammers and fraudsters.

Countywide 'no cold call zone' - I will work with colleagues in Trading Standards and the County Council to replace the many small 'no cold call zones' with a joined up, countywide approach that will protect all of us from doorstep criminals and unwanted, often intimidating sales people. This will not prevent lawful contact with residents through leafleting, etc but will help protect us all from crime and intimidation. 

Prevent and tackle crime - A new rural crime enforcement team will be created to focus on crimes that are a persistent challenge in our county. The team will include intelligence gathering, analytical and investigative capability as well as a uniformed presence. This will be a powerful tool in tackling rural crimes such as hare coursing and lead theft as well as supporting our urban areas too. They will free up time within neighbourhood teams so they can be more visible in your community too.

Targeted spending to impact on crime - I will create two new funds to target areas of challenge in Lincolnshire. I have already been successful in attracting the funding from central Government to pay for these initiatives. See below...

A new £250,000 anti fly-tipping fund - To support the work of our councils in preventing and tackling the horrible crime of fly-tipping that blights some of our urban and rural areas. I want to see less of it and more prosecutions and will support local government colleagues to deliver this. 

A new £500,000 rural crime fund - To prevent and tackle crime and fear of crime in our rural communities and in isolated locations. A greater focus is needed on tackling crime that disproportionately affects rural residents and I will work with Lincolnshire Police, partner agencies, organisations and community groups to do just that. Whether wildlife crimes, lead theft from churches, vehicle and machinery theft we can do much more and we will. 

Creation of a violence and harm reduction unit for Lincolnshire - I have delivered £3m from central Government which will transform the way we tackle violence and associated crimes in the county. I will work with policing, health, local government, organisations and community groups to prevent and tackle violence and harm. Principally but not restricted to the following areas - domestic abuse, street violence, sexual crimes, drugs, organised crime, stalking and harassment, violence against women and girls and hate fuelled violence. 

Roads policing - A new roads crime policing unit will be formed. It will be tasked with reducing tragedy on our roads but also to prevent and tackle criminals using our roads to access our communities to commit crime. They will have access to the latest technology, equipment and training to intercept these criminals and keep us all safer.

Reduce reoffending - Expand ongoing work with criminal justice partners such as prisons and probation to reduce reoffending in Lincolnshire. The investment already being made in our 'ARC' (assisting rehabilitation through collaboration) model will continue and be refocused to meet the objectives within the new national reducing reoffending strategy. 

Victims of crime - I will continue to place victims of crime at the heart of my thinking, my policies and my actions. I am proud of the work we have done to date to deliver a joined up approach to supporting victims of crime and of the additional funding I have been successful in attracting. I will continue to listen to the needs of victims and will always push for positive change to the services that matter to them. I fully support the need to make available to victims of crime the option of an effective restorative justice programme which I will continue to commission and promote. 

Being your voice for change - I will continue to work nationally to press for appropriate changes to legislation that will keep our residents and Police Officers safe. I have successfully campaigned for changes regarding 'upskirting', assaults on emergency workers and emergency animals. I have championed and piloted the role out of 'sobriety tags' to tackle alcohol fuelled crimes and helped shape the Domestic Abuse Bill. I will continue to champion Lincolnshire at every level possible. 

Listening to you - I will continue to hold public meetings and events across the county and find new ways to hear your concerns and answer your questions. I have set up Lincolnshire's first youth commission and it's first report has been published. I will take it's recommendations seriously and ensure their work continues. I will establish online community meetings to further hear your voice and through the Safer Together Team. I will ensure your voice is louder than ever before regarding community safety, policing and crime matters. 

Wellbeing of Officers and staff of Lincolnshire Police - The Chief Constable is directly responsible for those under his command and I am committed to supporting him in ensuring their safety and wellbeing. I have already delivered national funding of £140,000 for an additional 170 Tasers and I have authorised the full replacement of body worn video to ensure both the public and Officers are safer than ever. During my first term of office spit guards were introduced to help prevent Officers and staff from being bitten and spat at, something which is dangerous as well as truly abhorrent. I am committed to providing the Chief Constable with the resources he requires to keep Officers and staff safe and well to ensure that in turn they are there to protect and serve our community. 

I will continue to meet regularly with Unison, The Police Federation and the Superintendent's Association to ensure the views and concerns of Officers and staff at every level are heard and form part of decision making. The transition from G4S providing services will directly affect all Officers and staff especially those who currently work for G4S and I am committed to being as transparent as possible regarding the implications of the changes to come. 

The right tools for the job - It has been a key objective of mine to see Lincolnshire Police modernise and invest in the right tools to free up Officer and staff time and to make the Force as efficient and effective as possible. We have delivered transformation in many frontline areas including pursuit vehicles, 4x4s, drones, digital dogs, Taser, mobile fingerprint scanners and hand-held devices to record incidents without going back to the station. Behind the scenes the transformation has also been significant with improved telephone systems, the country's first online firearms licencing portal and, currently being delivered, a state of the art command and control system. These investments will enhance the service received by the public, deliver more effective call handing, improved deployment of Officers and ultimately a better response for residents. I will continue to provide resources for the Chief Constable to improve services to the public through investment in new technology and better equipment.